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Islamic Reformation or Islamic Renaissance?

11 Januari 2006 • 1 Komen Cetak Chenta!
Anak Alam had e-mailed me a reliable and brilliant article. It discusses the pathology of jihad that has troubling the Muslim community entirely, all over the world - especially in the West after September 11 tragedy and July 7th (i.e. the London bombing).

The article that was written by Dr Hisham al-Zoubeir also includes the fatwa given by Sidi Afifi al-Akiti, a Malaysian faqih who was trained in traditional madrasas in Indonesia, Malaysia, and many other Muslim world.

Just take a quick look. If you are really interested on the subject, you should read, analyze and digest it carefully. It may answer many questions that were raised by your non-muslim friends. Plus, it only consists of 6 pages!

You may download here: Islamic Reformation or Islamic Renaissance?

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