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When Feeling Down...

14 November 2005 • 0 Komen Cetak Chenta!
I just copied and pasted this time. It was grabbed from a friend of mine in which I met him several months ago in UK. It was a great short article indeed, especially for the seeker of knowledge. I hope he would not mind as I haven't got a consent from him yet =).

I think al-Fatrah crush me down quite often. I beg you to make a du'a for Anak Alam, for me, and for the rest. I'll always need it.

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The article starts here:

al-Fatrah in our religion means different things. One is 'the period of intermission' experienced by the Prophet s.a.w. when the revelation of al-Qur'an was stopped for a while. It was distressing for him especially when the non-believers started making jokes about it. But he s.a.w. showed patient and Allah finally sent down surah ad-Dhuha to end the period, in which one of the verses calmed him down, by saying which means, 'Your Lord has not forsaken you, nor is He displeased with you,' and that caused great joy in the life of the Prophet s.a.w.

The second meaning of al-Fatrah refers to the group of people (Ahl al-fatrah) who lived in between the time of revelations, and also to people to whom revelation has not reached them.

Alhamdulillah, I have witnessed Sidi Abdul Aziz explained about the third meaning in at least two occasions. He said al-fatrah also denotes the interval between a strong state of iman and the weaker state of iman. And he said that student of knowledge will be acutely aware of its coming, and their hearts will feel the pain of not being able to do their maximum wird during it. He said also, a real student of knowledge will understand that a state of fatrah is natural for a human, and he will prepare for it by setting up his personal set of minimum wird, which he will persevere upon regardless of what, and maximum wird which he will strive upon once the state of fatrah passes away.

Imam al-Haddad commented in his Risalah al-Muawanah, 'Beware of leaving a wird for fear of not being able to persevere in it, for this is foolishness. You should not do, in each period of time, whatever happens to suit your energy and free time; on the contrary, you should have a minimum that you perform, which you can add to whenever you feel energetic, but never fall below when you feel lazy.'

Among a quick cure for this state of fatrah is by staying near to a righteous man and love him as much as one can, because good company adds up to one's strength and encourages one to do more.

Seeking and longing for the companionship with good people with the intention to rejuvenate one's desire and drive for worship is not wrong, in fact a worthy deed that must be sought after, and those who says otherwise is a fool. Reflect upon this hadith which means:

Umar ibn al-Khattab related that the Messenger of Allah said: 'Among the servants of Allah are individuals who, though they are neither prophets nor martyrs, are envied by the prophets and martyrs for their rank with Allah on the Last Day.' A man asked 'Umar, 'Who are they and what are their deeds that we may love them?' He said, 'People who love each other by the ruh of Allah without being related by blood and without sharing wealth between them, by Allah, their faces have light, and they are on minbars of light without fear when others are afraid and without sadness when others are sad.' Then he read from the Qur'an: 'Surely for the Awliya of Allah there is no fear upon them nor are they sad.' Ya Salam!

When feeling down (al-fatrah) , let's look at them, listen to the lovers and may the One loved by the lovers love us in return, and return us to our state of obedience, amin.

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